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What are the primary factors that make it more challenging to conduct experimental studies in the field of education or leadership? Why are these significant? How do these factors affect your own research design for the dissertation study?


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Topic 1:

The Heart of Darkness is one of the great literary criticisms of Imperialism in Africa. Marlow, the main character, is originally fascinated by the possibilities that exploring Africa has to offer a young man seeking his fortune and a name for himself, but he later becomes disillusioned with the process. Discuss why Marlow originally had faith in Imperialism, but then came to regret his participation in it.

Topic 2:

The painting by Manet titled “Olympia” in The Making of the West was intended to shock the smug, self-assured sensibilities of the bourgeoisie in Paris at the time. But paintings of nude women are a common subject throughout the history of art. Why is this painting different? To support your response, you might also google Manet’s painting “The Luncheon on the Grass,” another image that shocked the casual viewer in nineteenth century France

mental health

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Psychodynamic and Psychotherapeutic Aspects of Care

Psychiatric care is supposed to be incorporated into HIV care in every setting and at every stage of illness. Psychiatric care has been shown to be effective in a prospective study of psychiatric treatment. Psychotherapy can provide a supportive and nurturing approach to individuals with HIV and AIDS. This can augment the support provided by friends and family. Psychotherapy can smooth the transitions experienced by all persons with severe illness. Examples include the transition from HIV negative to positive, from healthy seropositive to symptomatic. Othetr examples are from symptoms to diagnosis of first HIV-related illness, and from late-stage illness to death.


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Choose one of the following options, indicating knowledge of the key issues, terms, and phrases from the reading assignment in the text and outside research.

  1. Discuss how Britten combines two or more classical forms to create a unique musical work. Which traits of the original forms are retained? Which ones are compromised?
  2. How do visual colors correspond to tone colors? Do certain instrument families give off specific moods or feelings, and do those match with a specific visual color? Is the use of color in the video a help or hindrance to distinguishing tone color?
  3. Imagine if different colors were assigned to different families of instruments than the choices made in the video. Would you have a different response to those choices? If so, why?
  4. What associations are you conditioned to make with certain instrument families – voices, strings, woodwinds, brasses, percussion, electronic? Think moods, settings, themes, meanings. Are you surprised by associations put forward by your peers? What accounts for the differences?

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Aristotle said that the man who is incapable of working in common, or who in his self-sufficiency has no need of others, is no part of the community, and is like a beast or a god. Discuss the character of Achilles in light of this statement. Use plenty of examples, details, references, and quotations in the response